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Herrington Harbour Sailing Association
Promoting sailing in Herring Bay, MD

HHSA in the NEWS!!!


On July 6th HHSA will be inaugurating a new fun event called the HHSA HAHA. 

What is the HA HA Fun Race?

Not your standard sailboat race.  Starting at anchor from near the East Beach at HHS, upon the start signal, each boat then weighs anchor and sails around a pre-set course of local buoys.  After completing the course, a member of the team makes their way back to the beach by any non-mechanized means to cross the finish line and party. 

This "race" is meant to be a fun race so, any gimmicks and antics are highly encouraged! There will be awards for best antics, etc., So, be imaginative!

Who can race?  Any sailboat and any crew.

For more information and to register, click on the link below!

The Herrington Harbour Haha - 7/6/2019

Women's Regatta Wrap Up!!!

Congratulations to All of our Participants in the Women's Regatta!!! You all made it an epic day on the water and showcased yourselves and our club beautifully! 

Here is the video from our friends at T2P.TV as proof!

Women's Regatta 2019

Women's Regatta 2019


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Upcoming Events